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Our Story

At Plumb Line University, we have identified and discovered NEW teaching methods that are neuroplasticity-based. I know, I know, that sounds like a really big word (Thats why we use it, because it makes us sound really smart.) but in reality these teaching techniques are so simple its hard to believe no one has thought of it until now.  In the past, unless you were a personal client, you couldn't learn these techniques. Now it can be taught to the masses via Webinars or on-line lessons, and thats our mission. 


Plumb Line University's Step 1-3 approach for teaching proper mechanics for ALL human movement is a game changer for the Health, Wellness, Fitness and Sports industry.  



Alison Thietje

My Story

Alison Thietje is the founder of and foremost expert in the golf swing’s anatomical absolutes (the first alternative to traditional swing instruction), as well as educational courses for those who desire to learn how to control and create ideal posture and safe movement patterns for overall health, fitness, wellness and athletic sports. 


She has over 26 years and an estimated 40,000 hours of experience training both Tour Pros (1996-2004) and amateur golfers (1996- 2021). In 1996, Alison founded the first personal training company on the PGA Tour, Total Approach Golf LLC (TAG). The TAG client list included Tom Watson, Justin Leonard, Brad Faxon, Stewart Cink, Phil Mickelson, Bernhard Langer and more. Alison was Golf Digest’s first fitness advisor (1999) and was included in Golf Digest’s top six personal trainers in the country. She has authored and published numerous articles, one of which made it into the book of the top 100 lessons by Golf Digest, titled Breaking 100 90 & 80 (Click here to see Publications).  Alison is endorsed not only by professional golfers for her work, but also by other professional athletes in baseball, basketball and football (Click here to see testimonies).  Alison’s work in the golf industry has warranted numerous media articles, and in 1999 she authored the book Total Approach Golf; Justin Leonard authored the forward. (Read more)


Screenshot_20200814-091504 Britton Golf.


Britton Brown

My Story

Britton Brown has been a competitive golfer for over 35 years. As a scratch golfer and golf instructor, he is passionate about helping others enjoy the game, play at their highest levels, and compete. His dedication to growing the game of golf is unparalleled. Britton has been coaching athletes for over a decade. He played college hockey and baseball. He was invited to try out for the Chicago Cubs as a catcher back in 1992, a highly skilled soccer player, raced all over the country as an avid Cat 2 cyclist, and played polo for many years. He is an avid outdoorsman who loves kiteboarding, horseback riding. 

Britton is presently working towards his goal to qualify for the Champions Tour and the U.S. Open. Perhaps this is what makes him so unique as an instructor. He not only teaches it, but he can also do it! Which is not a common element when it comes to golf instruction. As a specialist in both swing mechanics and body movement laws about the golf swing, Britton brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients. He has multiple degrees ranging from Paramedicine and Bible Doctrine. He teaches cardiology, pharmacology, anatomy & physiology at a local college.

“I’ve felt like we had been doing a disservice in golf instruction for years now, and the proof was overall handicaps haven’t improved for the last 80 years. It was time to take a hard look at how we instruct up-and-coming golfers.” “I am so excited to be part of Plumb Line University, working as the CEO and mentoring under Alison’s tutelage. Whether young or old, more athletes are going to find the gains they’ve been dreaming about for years. This is the secret sauce that few are born with, while others spend countless years in search of. For most, it’s has been elusive. But it is apparent that and Alison has cracked the code.”

Meet The Team

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