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Body Movement Mastery Course Steps 1 - 3


At Plumb Line University, we believe the Body Movement Mastery Course is an indispensable life skill and the missing piece of the musculoskeletal health & athletic performance puzzle. 

What is musculoskeletal health? 
Healthy body, joints and spine via healthy joint alignment and body movement patterns in our daily lives and recreational/sports activities. It’s a learned skill, and only available here at Plumb Line University. 

Why don’t we have this skill already?

Because there aren’t any schools or universities that offer practical courses on the science of human movement. We’re the first! And were pretty psyched about it too. Check out the brief description below for our Step 1-3 program. 

Step One: Correct My Posture Program (CMP)

Learn deeper, internal alignment principles for perfect torso alignment (posture) which is the foundation for all human movement. Learn how to apply these alignment principles to your daily life, thereby turning your day-to-day routine into a posture correcting, torso, buttock and hip strengthening program, and a prep course that assures your success in Step 2

Step Two: 8 Basic Body Movements 


There are eight basic movements the human body can perform and all other movement patterns are merely variations of these eight: Pull, Push, Squat, Lunge, Hip Hinge, Rotation, spinal flexion and Gait. Learning to perform these basic movements while maintaining proper alignment of the torso (Neutral Torso Alignment) is foundational for all human movement. 

Step Three: Sports & Exercise  


Learn how to maintain Neutral Torso Alignment and Neutral Joint Alignment while performing advanced fitness and sports mechanic protocols. This revolutionary approach maximizes injury prevention and performance while taking fitness and sports mechanics to an entirely new level. Check out the sample videos below.

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