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 Your Brain-Body Intelligence (BBI) is the best indicator of how good of a golfer you can become. 

What is Brain Body Intelligence™ (BBI)? 

Brain-body coherence!  It's what the best golfers intuitively have, and most of us lack.

For the first time in the history of athletic training, M2M Golf™ offers us a NEW way to interpret, feel, and understand our golf swing. As a skill set, this also maximizes injury prevention and our athleticism's longevity and optimizes our performance.

Mind2Motion Golf™is solely built on fixed laws for body movement.

Music, mathematics, and engineering principles are all based on fixed laws. 

Fixed laws give teachers and students pre-determined and systematic thought processes. 

Therefore, learning is guaranteed.

On the flip, when there are no fixed laws (or they haven't been discovered yet),

we are forced to use subjective, personal interpretations.

No one can tell us we were wrong because there is no right or wrong without an established standard by which we measure. In this type of learning environment (or lack thereof), 

your interpretation is as good as mine or anyone else.  

In contrast, fixed laws are immovable foundational truths that empower us to accurately learn.

To know, for a fact, is power.

M2MGolf™ is built on the fixed laws of physics, modern brain science, and Body Movement.

Body movement is the "origin" of ALL golf swings;  the action that creates the reactions.

The reaction is anything the club and ball do.

Our golf clubs and golf balls sit in our bag until we move them with our bodies.


Scientifically speaking, they are never an action in and of themselves.  

The body movement is the origin, the action, which makes the club and the ball react. 

Teaching methods like Trackman, force plates, Hack Motion, and 3D motion capture measure reactions, not "the" action.


All the data we receive from measuring reactions are strictly diagnostic.

They have no scientific ability to pinpoint the "origin" of what they measure. 

M2MGolf solely focuses on teaching you how to measure the actions, NOT the reactions;

treating the cause, not the symptom. 

 M2M Golf will teach you how to connect your thoughts, feelings, and mental images with the right body movements so they are coherent. Once coherent, you can begin to train your brain & body to benefit from the laws of physics that dictate ball flight.


No opinions, no-golf tips, tricks, or hacks!

M2MGolf's BBI Courses: Steps One and Two (Course 101 & 102) lay the foundation

of brain-body Intelligence that will be applied to your golf swing

blueprint in Step Three. (BBI Courses 103)


 BBI course 104 is where you'll create the perfect blueprint for your swing.

Of course, you can also hire an M2M Golf instructor to help you through each step. 


Step one.png
Step two.png
step three.png

 Learning to walk before we run is common sense. Likewise, M2MGolf™, in partnership with BBI Inc,™ offers experiential physical educational (PE) courses that systematically put you on a learning continuum. We can't bypass the laws of body alignment & movement principles any more than we could beat Tiger Woods after taking three golf lessons.


And don't be tempted to fall into the trap of thinking you already know this stuff; we know you don't because it's NEW. But don't take our word for it. Find out for yourself by hiring an M2MGolf instructor to test your Brain-Body Intelligence. We will objectively measure your current interpretation of the golf swing and your brain-body awareness to see how coherent they are. The more coherent, the better your ability to accurately analyze your swing when you start spraying the ball all over the place. 

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