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Simplify Your Understanding of Human Motion

with the TG Body Movement Principles


Did you know there are eight basic human movements and all human movement patterns 

are a variation of these eight?

From walking to exercise and sports mechanics.


This means the golf swing, once believed to be one of the most complicated movement patterns in sports, 

is much simpler than we thought.

It only uses 4 of the eight movements. That's right! ONLY FOUR! 


My name is Alison Thietje. My career began in 1996, twenty-six years ago, when I founded
Total Approach Golf. A personal training company traveling with the PGA Tour. 
(Check out my vintage CLIENT TESTIMONIALS below.)

As a personal trainer, my only understanding of the golf swing was through the lens of objective body movements.

There was no mystery, reverence, or awe regarding the golf swing.

It was simply objective body movements that created ALL HEALTHY golf swings.

It's NO big deal. REALLY. It is SIMPLE (but it's not always easy).


By 2012, 16 years later, I saw a massive need for the TG Body Movement Laws, not just for the golf swing but

for all professions that work with human movement. 


Verbal cueing, demonstration, video analysis, and 3D motion capture weren't getting the job done.


Even under the best instructor's tutelage, students still struggle to make the mind-to-body connection that produces correct positions and movement patterns.


It's been twenty-six years, and the list of TG Body Movement Laws (TG Laws for short) has grown, which led to

a NEW WAY to teach, understand, learn, and correct poor movement patterns. 

 A learning process I developed and coined Kinetic Engineering. 

Kinetic Engineering is one approach with multiple applications.  


Learning to implement the process of Kinetic Engineering empowers us with new skills

for healthy movement patterns, good postural habits, and injury-proof fitness, all while maximizing performance. 

It's one approach for ALL movements with endless applications.

It is 
#1 for injury prevention
#1 for creating effortless power

# 1 for maximizing repeatable athletic movement patterns

NO MORE worries that a fitness or rehab program will injure you or a swing mechanic-based lesson will ruin your game. 
Once you learn the TG Laws and the process for Kinetic Engineering, you will have the skills to become your own instructor.

You'll only need instruction for accountability.  

The TG Laws provide you with objective truths so YOU can make educated decisions

and engineer your own chosen kinetic chain of movements.  

YOU will play a significant role in customizing your own fitness and swing mechanics. 

To begin educating yourself on the Body Movement principles and laws that specifically govern the golf swing: 

1.) subscribe to my YouTube channel 

2.) register for a FREE sample of my vintage Mind2Motion Golf program 

by clicking on the "YouTube" and "Services" tabs above.

You'll receive email notices for my NEW education-based courses, YouTube videos, and live webinars coming this fall, 2022.
And check out the vintage CLIENT TESTIMONIALS from Major Champions below and the media link. 

Body Movement Laws, YOUR future of golf instruction. 


Alison Thietje was my personal trainer from 1999-2003. During that time I learned how my body responds in the golf swing. Alison has spent  years researching the biomechanics  of the golf swing.  Her knowledge & attitude combined to make training effective and beneficial to both your game and your life. I have yet to miss one PGA Tour event due to injury. Alison’s approach will help any golfer to improve their game. Justin Leonard, Major Champion PGA Tour


As a professional golfer, being in good shape for golf and  remaining injury free are key to being able to compete with confidence. Alison Thietje is dedicated to doing just that and the results show. I’m in the best shape of my life, I feel terrific and most importantly, I'm injury free. Thank you TAG for all your help. Stewart Cink, Major Champion PGA Tour

“I’ve always been blessed with flexibility and strength, so I know their importance in creating a solid golf swing. Alison’s approach to training, if done on a regular basis, will undoubtedly improve any golfer’s ability to swing the club with more power and in better balance.” Tom Watson, Muliple Major Champion Winner PGA Tour

I’ve always been a big fan of fitness and exercise. Training with Alison Thietje has been much more than a good workout, it’s been a learning experience. Her practical skills, technique, and knowledge of proper alignment are top-notch in her respective industry. Any golfer who wants to remain injury free, and learn proper technique and body alignment principles will undoubtedly benefit from working with Alison Thietje. Brad Faxon, PGA Tour

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