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The journey for Mind2Motion Golf and its founder, Alison Thietje, 

 collectively represents  27 + years of innovation, research & development. Specifically, the discovery of using "objective" body movement laws to interpret, understand, teach, and learn the golf swing.


The development of BBI is one approach with multiple applications.


The Body Movement Laws would be used in three ways:  

1.) Teaching & learning the golf swing

2.) Golf-specific fitness regimen

3.) Brain fitness 


Alison merged the learning of ideal swing mechanics with brain and body fitness regimens by integrating three sciences: physics, modern brain science, and traditional swing mechanics.


  The end result was one new science: 

BBI-Brain-Body Intelligence.


The name of Alison's company changed three times in response to her ongoing discovery of

 hidden ground rules for body movement and the swing. See the history timeline below.

M2M-Mind2Motion Golf (2011-2023)

MMG-Motion Memory Golf (2007-2011)

TAG-Total Approach Golf (1996-2007)

Read More about Alison's story.

What is M2M Golf? 

M2M Golf, in partnership with an online PE-physical educational platform, 

has developed "new ways" to interpret, feel, and understand the golf swing.


The PE courses were specifically designed for M2M Golf students.

The courses are chronologically ordered to ensure that student comprehension is

100% accurate, which is the only way to develop 

BBI-Brain-Body Intelligence™.

BBI maximizes longevity via musculoskeletal health, safety, and optimal athletic performance.

It works for all people of all ages, all skill levels, and all sports and fitness programs. 

Golfers who develop a reality-based BBI for interpreting and understanding their swing 

are relieved of a thousand problems.

And so is their golf instructor. :)

What is BBI-Brain-Body Intelligence™? 

A newfound "brain-body" unity where what we think, feel, see, and believe about

our own golf swing

& the golf swing

is reality.

A modern approach that works for ALL human movements, including ALL swing models. It gives us a solid foundation of shockingly simple truths for developing a golfer's

BBI-Brain-Body Intelligence™. 

With BBI, the barriers of thought and feeling disappear. 

BBI is a fact-based, reliable, and unchanging individual "learned" skill set.

It gives us swing discernment versus gullibility. 

We can move away from swing models or subjective, opinion-based instruction toward

 personal empowerment, enabling us to make educated decisions about our golf swing. 

It allows us to have a swing where "feel is real," which builds confidence

and eliminates Bee-Hive Brain.

How do we improve our Brain-Body Intelligence™?

A  Brain-Body educational experience that develops & increases individual BBI. 

The fact that there is a need for BBI education suggests that there are things we need to learn.

 Things that, in the past, we didn't know enough about even to ask the right questions. 


The ability to take a PE-physical education course to develop our BBI 

BEFORE we attempt to improve, our swing is not merely cutting-edge & revolutionary. 


It's a Reformation. 

A Reformation on how we interpret and understand the golf swing.



New insights and the discovery of hidden ground rules for body movement 

have opened the door to a new way 

of understanding the golf swing.

With Body Movement Laws, there is no difference between males and females, body types, learning styles, or even one's chosen swing model.

Why do we need a "new way" to interpret and understand the golf swing?

Have you ever seen your golf swing on video and been shocked by what you saw? 

 " That's why!" 

What comes to your mind when you think "about" the golf swing is the most important aspect of your swing.


Unfortunately, we're hardwired to lie to ourselves.

We create fundamentally untrue beliefs about our golf swing (or swing instruction) and orient ourselves to make decisions based on these false truths. ​​

We tend to move toward our mental image of the swing.​  

We imagine-thus, think, feel, and see unreal images.

Our mind seeks to attach reality to them.

We create belief systems around those images, mentally 

picturing things about the swing as if they were true.


Unfortunately, our beliefs don't determine reality.


Wrong interpretations or ideas about the swing are the fountains from which polluted swing thoughts & faults flow.

What's the answer? 

We need a Golf Swing Reformation advocating for BBI-Brain-Body Intelligence™ education.

Something that can be self-taught,  learned, and used as the foundation of our swing training.

Developing our own BBI is where our beliefs "about" the swing match what we can do!

​We all know people that have great BBI. We see them weekly on the PGA Tour and other professional sporting events. We say, "They're athletic or natural athletes."  

But how do we educate people, mentally and physically, who don't instinctively have this skill?


Can we teach athletics as a skill set? YES!


​By empirical evidence,

ALL golf instruction,

ALL golf fitness/exercise programs,

ALL teaching aids,

more practice

New equipment

and even hiring a sports physiologist etc. work

100% better if we FIRST develop BBI as a learned skill set.  

 OUR individual potential for optimal performance, longevity, power, and injury prevention

will never be experienced or come to fruition without it. 

The need for personal and corporate


on how we interpret and understand the golf swing is undeniable. 

When we don't have good BBI, the golf swing is one struggle after another. 


As of Spring 2023, a new era of possibilities

has emerged for golfers of all ages and levels of BBI.

​The online learning platforms

include private groups on


 Debates & Forums


Video Tutorials


Crowd Funding to support research

In-person and online platforms include: 

Workshops, clinics, lectures, debates, and education courses

Swing consultations 

Want to learn more? Continue reading.


All human movement patterns are variations of the eight primary human movements. 

From walking to exercise and sports mechanics. ALL MOVEMENT! This means the golf swing, once believed to be one of the most complicated movement patterns in sports, is much simpler than we thought. It only uses 4 of the eight movements, one of which is part of the setup, not the swing!  Can you guess which 4 are used in the golf setup and swing?







The improvement or amendment of what is wrong or unsatisfactory, to change to a better state, form, improve by alteration, end disorders, etc.  ​

​Men who prefer optimistic illusions to reality can never become wise. 




The answer is #3-#4-#7-#8 for both setup & swing, and then remove #4 for the swing alone. 

The squat can either be an "action" or a "reaction" in your swing. Because of this, it's not counted as one of the four primary movements. 

Let me explain: 

You have two ways to use a squat in your swing. 


1.) Add the squat movement to your swing, making it an "action" by choice and thereby

utilizing 5 of the 8 primary movements versus 4.   


2.)  Don't add the squat, but it naturally appears as a "reaction" or the "effect"

of executing the other 4 movements correctly. 

BOTH are viable options.

Which one is best for you?


Before logically answering that question, you must learn how to interpret the golf swing with body movement laws versus traditional methods. 

You will develop Brain-Body Intelligence (BBI) as a natural by-product.

With BBI, you can use logic and reason to determine which movements are best for you and which ones arent. After you're empowered with this skill set, no one is better equipped to make those decisions than you. You're the teacher, the student, and the trainer. 



Alison Thietje was my personal trainer from 1999-2003. During that time I learned how my body responds in the golf swing. Alison has spent  years researching the biomechanics  of the golf swing.  Her knowledge & attitude combined to make training effective and beneficial to both your game and your life. I have yet to miss one PGA Tour event due to injury. Alison’s approach will help any golfer to improve their game. Justin Leonard, Major Champion PGA Tour


As a professional golfer, being in shape and remaining injury free and feeling physical fit are key to competing with confidence. Alison is dedicated to that and the results show. I’m in the best shape of my life. Most importantly, I'm injury free. Thank you Total Approach Golf for all your help. Stewart Cink, Major Champion PGA Tour

“I’ve always been blessed with flexibility and strength, so I know their importance in creating a solid golf swing. Alison’s approach to training, if done on a regular basis, will undoubtedly improve any golfer’s ability to swing the club with more power and in better balance.” Tom Watson, Muliple Major Champion Winner PGA Tour

I’ve always been a big fan of fitness and exercise. Training with Alison Thietje is much more than a good workout, it’s a learning experience. Her practical skills, teaching techniques, and knowledge of proper alignment are top-notch. Any golfer who wants to remain injury free,  learn proper form via proper body alignment will undoubtedly benefit from working with Alison.  Brad Faxon, PGA Tour

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