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Posture/Torso Strength & Flexibility Assessment   $200.00

The best investment for injury prevention, spine, joint health & your golf game! 

Get Alley's "Correct My Posture" Program ($149.99 value, discounted to $97) FREE w/ Assessment

* Session is 45 min. Camera/room must accommodate full body student view while 1) lying on the floor & 2) standing against a wall 

FREE swing analysis and/or Mind-2-Motion Golf with purchase of an online ZOOM lesson! 

 Online Zoom Lessons

 1 hr. lesson includes FREE Mind-2-Motion Golf video program and FREE swing analysis.   $250.00

 1/2 hr. lesson includes FREE  Mind2Motion Golf OR video swing analysis ($97.00 value)              $130.00





Video Swing Analysis.   $97.00 
 Email a video of your swing ( see instructions below) and Alison will analyze your swing via voice-over recording and send back to you within 48 hours. Email Alison at 

 Mind-2-Motion Golf Video Program     $197.00

 *Services may be discounted in exchange for permission to use lessons on YouTube

Spot Check/Quick Fix Swing Analysis   $75.00

 * Available to students who have purchased a 1 or 1/2 hr. lesson. 

Perfect for weekly or bi-weekly maintenance while making a swing change. Email a video of your swing and Alison will voice over her recommendations within 48 hrs.  Email Alison at 


Lesson Instructions

Video Analysis

1)  Video your swing from down-the-line and caddie view using the club of your choice.

2) Position the camera 5-6 paces away from you and dead center to your belt. 

3) Request a Swing Analysis by contacting Alison through the form linked at the button above.

4) In the resulting email, you will attach your video, and Alison will send payment information.

Online Zoom Lessons

You will need:

          1)   Laptop, Computer, tablet, or cell phone with camera

          2)   Optional but ideal: A smart TV to stream the lessons from your device onto the TV and to use as a mirror.

          3) A full-length mirror (or a Smart TV see #2), in a location where you have a full-body view and can perform swing motions. Looking                     into a large window while outdoors is also an option. 

          4)   Zoom App downloaded onto your device


Online Golf Swing Lessons w/Alley Tee  

 * Tandem & Group Lessons: 35%-50% off per person. Email Alison for proprosal

Video Tutorial Programs

Have Questions?

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