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Plumb Line Fitness Inc. cares about your health, wellness, and performance! The Plumbline University website intends to assist in improving your overall well-being. Our platform offers tools to aid and support you in your journey towards a holistic approach to fitness. 

We would like to stress that the facts and figures presented here are only for informational and educational purposes. Should you plan to find treatment and alleviate your condition and experience of ailments, we highly suggest that you consult with a licensed and certified medical professional or doctor. Or talk directly to a certified physician and/or medical practitioner should you need sound medical aid, diagnosis, and prescriptions.

Though there are experts in this field who contribute their knowledge and skills in creating the learning materials, videos, discussions, and articles on our website, we dismiss any claim of clinically supported advice that information from our resources may imply. These are helpful as tips, study guides, and learning aids about caring for your core and body.  Thus our site offers health-related information, and they do not offer diagnosis, cure, or treatment for any illness. Nor do we exist as diagnostic services providers.  

Plumb Line University & Plumb Line Health Fitness & Performance Inc. makes no warranty or any success in representation with reference to the services or products displayed on this website. We highly urge you to use your own discretion when trying out the postures and forms exhibited by our learning guides and videos. Take caution and work at your own level of strength and ability. Consult a professional if you find exercises and drills not suitable for your present condition.

Furthermore, any legal, financial, medical, psychological, or other information exhibited and discussed on our site does not intend to replace a proper clinical consultation. We do not create this site as an alternative to professional consultations with legit and qualified doctors and/or physicians. 

If you ever encounter from this site any reason to believe that it may be hosting malicious content (illegal, slanderous, promoting dangerous and exploitative acts, etc.) or in violation of the copyright law, please contact us. Or, send us an email at so that we could give our immediate action. 

Thank you for visiting us here at Plumb Line University and choosing us to support you in your journey towards better health and performance!

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