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Step 1 is the Correct My Posture Program where we learn six of the eight precursor micro-movements for achieving Neutral Torso Alignment (NTA). We'll learn how to apply NTA while sitting, standing and walking within or daily life routine. This is the key to changing poor postural habits. It is the foundation to all human movement and the first step before starting an exercise program or working on sports mechanics. 

Step 2 is where we learn how to maintain correct posture (Step 1) while learning how to perform 2 key micro-movements the 8 basic body movements.  and while maintaining what we've learned in Step 1. Neutral Joint Alignment. are learned in Step 2, completing the eight micro-movements. 

The 8 Basic Body Movements

All other movements are variations of these movements

Micro movements/ Basic Body Movements

Neutral ankle

Sway forward-sway back 

Neutral Torso Alignment while sitting

Neutral Torso Alignment while standing

Neutral Torso Alignment while walking

Flexion & extension of the foot 

Neutral head position 

Gait (one of the 8 basic body movements)

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