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My Story 

Alison Thietje is the foremost expert in discovering the anatomical absolutes for the golf swing (2000-2003) Micro-Movements, Body Movement Laws, and Kinetic Engineering. She discovered a new way to teach the golf swing using organic, fact-based Body Movement Laws, without 3D motion capture or the use of force plates. She was the first to develop neuroplasticity-based, mind-to-body techniques that dramatically accelerate student comprehension and learning. When teaching is "clear," students learn better and perform better, maximizing injury prevention and athletic performance. In contrast, it's worthless to the student when teaching is unclear. What's needed is a teaching method where the student's nervous system is clear on the movement they want to create, and they can DO IT

This is Alison's specialty. (Alison's story continued below.) 


My Story Continued

Alison now has over 26 years and an estimated 40,000 plus hours of experience as a personal trainer & body movement expert for both Tour Pros (1996-2004) and amateur golfers (1996- 2021),  corporate wellness, ergonomics, fitness, and other sports such as archery, pickleball, baseball, equestrian sports, triathletes, and tennis.


 Since the launch of her last two programs (2013) Mind-2-Motion Golf and Correct My Posture, Alison has been involved in research and development for a Body Movement Mastery course (coming Jan. 2023) dedicated to teaching individuals how to control their body alignment while building powerful, repeatable movements for any movement pattern. 


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