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                          A Modern Approach to Proprioception & Physical Education™

A new era of possibilities for optimizing musculoskeletal health, safety & athleticism is taking longevity, balance, safety, fitness & athletic performance to new heights for people of all ages & all activity levels. 

revivePE's DIY (do-it-yourself) brain-body micro adjustments and joint alignment techniques empower people of all ages with new physical capabilities for gaining better control of their body and movement patterns.


Newly discovered hidden ground rules reveal how to harness our brain's ability, at will, to improve proprioception and control the body. This skill set is what separates professional athletes from the average person.  It's also one of the key components for elderly persons who maintain good coordination, balance, and athleticism long into their golden years.


What is Proprioception?

By definition, it is the awareness of the positions of one’s body. At revivePE, we call this brain-body intelligence. (BBI, for short.)  A high proprioception/brain-body intelligence (BBI) correctly interprets body movements.  Until now, it was believed, by empirical evidence, that BBI was something we didn't have much control or influence over. This is where RPE comes in. 

revivePE™ (RPE) is a non-profit educational platform offering FREE online PE Courses that are 20% intellectual and 80% practical.  Chronological benchmarks improve BBI for coordination, maximizing natural athleticism, and injury prevention.



Before revivePE, our degree of proprioception/brain-body intelligence (BBI) was something we were born with and declines with age. It was never considered a skill set that physical education (PE) could consciously improve if we so choose. Just ask any PE teacher, golf instructor, personal trainer, dance teacher, etc... Some have it, and some don't. Period.


A person was often categorized as having good, moderate, or bad coordination. Good, moderate, or challenged/bad athletic ability. Good, moderate, or bad dancing and musical ability, etc. 

As with anything new, educational programs are needed if the general public is to benefit. That's where revivePE (RPE) comes in. 


  revivePE's Course 101-102 develops a baseline BBI skill set for good posture and body mechanics for daily activities. Courses 103-104 built off that baseline foundation and chronologically improves our BBI for more complex movement patterns in fitness programs and athletic performance. 


RPE Course 101-Neutral Torso Control™ (NTA) Posture Habits & Walking Gait: Learn how to apply correct postural alignment/Neutral Torso Alignment ™ via DIY micro-adjustments and alignment principles to simple daily life activities when sitting, standing, and walking.


RPE Course 102-Daily Life Mobility & Coordination: Learn to apply Neutral Torso Control™ and new movement principles to the eight primary, daily-life human movements: getting on and off the floor, bending over, climbing stairs, reaching, squatting, pushing, pulling, rotating, spinal flexion, etc. 


RPE Course 103-Fitness & Sports: Apply NTC principles learned in Courses 101&102 to athletics.  It has now become Athletic Torso Control-ATC. A priceless skill set for all fitness enthusiast and sports participants. 


RPE Course 104- TGL Kinetic Engineering™: Courses 101-103 were an event; 104 is a process. NOW you’re empowered to make educated, practical, experience-based decisions. This course uses a question-and-answer process based on correctly understood facts. The answers are no longer either/or but are now both/and. 


Note: Certification as an RPE instructor is automatically attained when completing RPE Course 104. 

If you need or want more than the online courses, you can attend a live workshop, take one-on-one instruction, or do small-group classes. 


Read more: All “practical application” exams are taken one-on-one or in small groups of three participants. In-person or online exams are available. Passing each exam before advancing to subsequent courses is required. 


Print  A Modern Approach pdf’s with or without bold print. 



Read more:


The integration of three sciences, 1) modern brain science with 2) physics and 3) body movement laws, has multidimensional relevance, culminating into one new-practical science: the TG Body Movement Laws (TGL or Laws for short). 

TGL (TG Laws) is the missing piece of the puzzle for optimizing musculoskeletal health, safety & athleticism.


The TG Laws develop BBI-Brain Body Intelligence, thereby deepening our understanding of human movement and the ability to teach, learn and train people via practical body movement experiences.


 Skill sets are:

1)NTA-Neutral Torso Alignment,

2)ATC-Athletic torso control ( 8 primary movements) 

3)Kinetic engineering for fitness and sports mechanics

All threand Developing new teaching and learning methods so the general public can benefit.


Exclusively available at revivePE (RPE).Read more: 

developing brain-body intelligence,

renewPE integrates three scientific pillars of knowledge that form one new-practical science




Wisdom is the application of knowledge. Wisdom begins with the acquisition of truth. However, the truths of body movement cannot be learned by rote (from memory without any thought of the meaning), as one would learn the “facts” of biomechanics, kinesiology, physiology, or exercise science. Body movement is only understood, much less memorized, by the nervous systems' experiential analyzing, comparing, and creating movements.  It's not brain deep;  it’s action-deep.  We must learn about body movement by experiencing the actual movements before we truly know and understand it. This is where revivePE (RPE) comes in. 


Our current scientific understanding of human movement as it applies to 1) activities of daily living & recreation, 2) posture, safety & ergonomics 3) exercise, fitness & sports mechanics need to be improved for the general public to benefit.  We need new methods of teaching and learning ideal/accurate movement patterns so the public can benefit from all the knowledge and information our current science provides us.  

Read more. RPE Course 104, in many ways, is a “logical” reaction to the “objective” change in your knowledge and understanding of human movement and a “rational” approach to the “subjective” change in how you choose to apply. It's where critical thinking is used within the boundaries of reality-yet, still a personal choice. A teacher/instructor should NOT, and cannot, rightly make these choices for you. Not your golf, tennis, baseball instructor ( sports coach), fitness instructor, physical therapist, chiropractor, etc. ONLY you can make the appropriate choices because you're armed with new knowledge that helps you make those decisions. 

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