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Plumb Line Health Fitness & Performance Inc. is also doing business in the Health and Fitness Industry as Plumb Line University website. The creators of this website operate to provide tools and communication materials, information, and entertainment.

We require that you read our Terms of Service (Terms and Conditions) before you proceed using any of our resources and before engaging in our Site. 

Our terms and conditions are all applicable by law. You agree and acknowledge, without limitation or regardless of your qualification, to the following Terms of Service. You acknowledge that no force gets involved nor superseded once you access, browse and use this Site. 

We also do not have any control to limit our Sites’ usage from minors to access our Site due to the nature of the Internet. But to monitor and facilitate the use of websites. It is a requirement that members who register on our Site must be above 18 years of age.

Plumb Line Health Fitness & Performance Inc. is NOT Medical Care

We emphasize that our website does not operate to substitute medical care. Medical care should be sought under experts and health professionals who are licensed and certified health and medical providers. Our Site does not offer health warranties and does not guarantee any treatment.

The videos, articles, posts, and any related content you find on our website do not equate to doctor’s advice and diagnosis. Nor do we represent a particular health provider or a diagnostic center that offers such services.

The tools and resources posted on our Site’s pages do not substitute for a licensed doctor’s expert medical advice. 

Users of our services and the products are not medical and professional prescriptions to improve certain ailments or illnesses.

Keep in mind that health advice is often subject to refining and updating through expert research and development. 

Plumb Line Health fitness & Performance Inc is committed to bringing you research-based facts and content backed up by up-to-the-minute developments in the field. However, we do not guarantee that our contents are the most recent ones that tackle a particular subject matter. 

Our team and creators highly urge you always to consult your doctors, health care providers. Seek the professionals to get the most reliable answers. Ensure that a certified medical practitioner guides you before going through any health and fitness program. 


Plumb Line University’s website’s resources and contents are all subject to copyright laws. When you access and browse our Site, you agree not to duplicate, transmit, distribute, change, print, repost or re-use them without our notice or written permission of your intent to use. 

You acknowledge and agree that you are using our contents as a secondary resource and user. With your acknowledgment of our Terms and copyright statement, you agree as a secondary source if you may wish to use and share our contents without any intention of profit from it or for your use to a personal brand. You have no right to claim that any content, text, images, videos, which you have access to are under your ownership. 

If you fail to include a notice or statement to credit us as your resource on any digital or printed copy of contents, you will be under copyright prohibitions. Violators will be prosecuted. 

Therefore Any unauthorized claim or registration; modification by adding or omitting parts of our contents without clearly indicating such is made; and if you profit from duplication and transmission of content is a clear act of violation of our copyright.

Third-party Copyright

Plumb Line Health fitness & Performance Inc. neither warrants that your use of our resources and contents will not infringe third parties who also are protected by copyright laws. Nor do we guarantee that the contents published on our Site are 100% original as our tools and materials are owned by affiliates and third parties linked to Plumb Line Health fitness & Performance Inc.

Other Intellectual Property

Plumb Line University website is associated with trademarks, logos, images, services marks, audio clips, video, illustrations, animations found and published on this Site, and they are protected and collectively owned under licensed property or as collective commons. All are protected by copyright and intellectual property rights. 

Therefore, no one is granted license or invitation or any right nor permission to use anything from this Site without prior written notice. Any unauthorized use of the images, clips, and any production under our creative commons and affiliates may violate trademark laws, privacy laws, and copyright laws. If anyone is found to violate our Terms and Statement will have to face the law and be granted necessary charges.


All comments, feedback, information, or materials that you submit through or in association with the Site shall be considered non-confidential except where expressly provided otherwise by Plumb Line Health fitness & Performance Inc.

Through posting any materials, engaging in our communications, and transmitting comments, feedback and suggestions to this Site, you agree that Plumb Line Health fitness & Performance Inc. and any of its affiliates may use them for reproduction, transmission, publication, broadcast, and posting. 

Plumb Line Health fitness & Performance Inc. and its affiliates are free to use any ideas, words, and concepts in our communication platforms for any purpose. These include and do not limit to developing, manufacturing, distributing, and marketing products. You also acknowledge that we can use them without the obligation to notify, pay, or compensate and identify you or anyone else.

Discussion Content

Plumb Line Health fitness & Performance Inc. may, from time to time, monitor or review discussions, chats, postings, transmissions, bulletin boards, and the like on this Site. Plumb Line Health fitness & Performance Inc.

Plumb Line Health fitness & Performance Inc. includes our site networks and spaces for public interaction Chat Rooms, comment boxes, suggestion boxes, and notification tabs. We may monitor and review conversations, comments, posts, chats, bulletins, panels, and any transmissions of users on this Site to regulate the discussion. 

However, we take no obligation to assume any responsibility or liability of any error, danger, defamation, libel, slander, falsehood, profanity, obscenity, pornography, omission, or inaccuracy contained in any information within such locations on this Site. 

We strictly prohibit you from posting and sharing any unlawful content that threatens and defames an individual. When using our service, you agree to our Policies and Guidelines that you refrain from posting content containing obscene, scandalous, pornographic, or harmful material to both a minor or an adult. These acts constitute criminal offenses, and you will be liable to the law and must face necessary charges.

Plumb Line Health fitness & Performance Inc. will fully cooperate with authorities, law enforcement, or court order requesting or directing Plumb Line Health fitness & Performance Inc. to disclose the identity of anyone involved in posting such harmful materials and forums in discussions.

Outside Information, Advertising and Linked Sites 

Plumb Line Health fitness & Performance Inc. supplies links from other sites for your references (Advertising and Linked Sites). By no means do we endorse or provide reviews to benefit any advertising and linked Sites. We also have no responsibility for the content of any off-site pages linked to our website. Your access to those links will be at your own risk. You must understand that you must take precautions to ensure that any links you visit will not breach your internet safety. We have no control for links that you click and will be free from internet viruses, trojan horses, and other entities or breaching online protocols and safety. We expect that visitors and users of the Site abide by the terms of use and privacy policies of that particular Linked Site.

No Warranty/Liability

PLUMB LINE HEALTH FITNESS & PERFORMANCE INC. provides you NO WARRANTY of any kind, expressed or implied. We do not give any warranty of non-infringement or for selling or profiting from our health and fitness resources, for any specific purpose.

We are not liable for any damages ( indirect, incidental, and consequential) that may arise from choosing to use and access our Site. 

You express your full consent that your use or inability to use our website is at your brown risk. Take careful note as well that some of the above exclusions may not entirely apply. It is also your sole responsibility to check and ask your local authorities and law enforcement for restrictions and limitations with regards to implied warranty.


In preparing the contents of this Site, we believe that all facts and figures presented are accurate as of the date it was created. As a user of our service, we ask that you consider that Plumb Line does not offer a warranty to a 100 % accuracy, reliability, and effectiveness of our contents, service, and products. 

The Site takes no liability for the eros or omissions in the contents included in the Site. We will also be NOT responsible for any harm, damage to your online tools, or viruses that may infect your device or any material you connect to when accessing, browsing, downloading, or sending to and fromPlumb Line’s website.

Plumb Line website DOES NOT warrant you to be free from any interruptions or errors in your Site’s usage and pages. We have your full acknowledgment that you agree that interruptions and glitches may arise from time to time. And Plumb Line may remove or make changes to the Site for an indefinite time without prior notice.

By no means shall Plumb Line Health Fitness & Performance Inc, its owners, directors, employees, affiliates, agents, contractors, and/or licensors have liability for any damage that may arise for your browsing or access to the Site; may it be indirect, implied, incidental, consequential, punitive, or special conditions that could arise.

The creators and owners, and team behind the operation of the Site are not liable to other claim related to the users’ usage, which includes but not limited to errors, changes, omissions, loss or damage of parts in any contents; loss and damage in the content as a result of posting, transmitting, and sharing in the Site; or otherwise supplied in the Site for availability for others’ use even if cautioned that they are responsible. 

But due to some States or jurisdictions not allowing exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential damages and indirect incidents, the liability of PLUMB LINE HEALTH FITNESS & PERFORMANCE INC. shall be limited to the provisions stated by law.

Our website’s operators shall apply all necessary efforts to protect your information and materials or identification you submit to our Site. But doing so, you agree that whatever you submit, you do it at your own risk. With that stated, Plumb Line University dismisses any claims of liability to any loss or damage to such information from you in any way.

Waiver and Indemnity

When you access and use this Site, you agree to identify the owners, directors, officers, employees, contractors, agents, licensors, and affiliates as harmless concerning any claims and breach of our agreement. You acknowledge that our service is of good intention, and you indemnify Plumb Line and its operators as an entity or good practice.

Your Site’s use and access give us indemnity if ever Plumb Line enters an Investigation due to suspected violation of this agreement. This means that you can not sue us or recover any damage when the directors, owners, licensors, and affiliates decide to remove or refuse to disclose any information or content. Also, this involves to warn you, suspend, or cancel your access to the Site.


Revisions to Terms and Conditions

Plumb Line Health fitness & Performance Inc. reserves the right to revise, make changes to update our Terms Service. We have the ability to do so by editing this published post. You are still subjected to the revisions under this Terms of Service, and therefore you must responsibly visit this page from time to time. It is to your role as the member to read and review the changes of the Terms where you are currently bound.


No Sharing and Fraudulent usage of Account

In our Security and Privacy Agreement, it is stated that registered users are required passwords. We strictly impose NO sharing and selling of passwords or usernames. In any case, Plumb Line Site operators notice multiple log-ins and viewings by a member; Plumb Line will have to take it as fraudulent use and will result in membership cancellation without refund.

This is why we highly encourage that you maintain the confidentiality of your log-in details, such as passwords and usernames. You may review and visit our Privacy Statement to comply and acknowledge our Member Privacy Statement.


Streaming Videos and eBooks – Plumb Line University provides a 100% money-back guarantee for streaming our videos and eBooks. Email with any questions. When you opt to view video materials on the Site, be informed that you need wide broadband access for doing so. Be sure to test your systems. Check if your device and connection will fully handle playing the video before you make your purchase.

DVDs and Books – Plumb Line University provides a 100% money-back guarantee for getting our DVDs and books. We provide refunds for the returned physical items only, but our refund policies will not include the original shipping. Need to ask more questions? Email



If you may find portions in this agreement invalid, the Plumb Line University shall uphold the remainder of the agreement in full effect. 

Successors and Assignees

The Agreement contained in this Terms of Service between Plumb Line Health fitness & Performance Inc. and you are governed by and interpreted per the States’ laws in the United States of America. You adhere irrevocably and unconditionally to the jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Missouri in the United States of America in respect of any action or proceeding commenced in respect of this Agreement.

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